2, 4 or 6 rows machines

Two, four and six rows machines carry the same harvest head with two knives and same settings. Harvest speed is more dependant on harvest quality than the number of heads. On the basis of the same field, harvest speed is the same for single-row than 2 or 4 rows. Additional features :
- Adjustable coulter wheel which allow to follow ground variation (single-row have only a fixed clog).
- Speed tracking with automatic strips finger speed adjustment according to harvest machine speed.

These machines must be hitched on a carrier. Second-hand JOHN DEERE or NEW HOLLAND silage-cutters are commonly used. These machines allow a good visibility thanks to a high driving position, relatively close to the harvest. Our adaptation consists of removing the front part and replacing it coupling/harness system and hydraulic lifting. We also provide a complete hydraulic equipment (hydraulic pump, hydraulic tank, cooler) and a gear case fitted in the cabin.

This machine can also be attached to a tractor : Recommend to VALTRA SERIE S with bidirectional driving option « TWINTRAC « . The hydraulics is sufficient (175 l/mn) with this model.
A two tons bulk need to be fitted in front of the tractor. For this machine, the S233 model is sufficient but more powerful machine can be used if necessary (for other applications during the course of the year).

Machine choice :
• Up to 8 Ha : single-row
• Up to 25 Ha : two-rows
• Up 50 Ha : four-rows
• Up 100 Ha : six-rows

Important notice : Be sure to provide us with a purchase order before end of January.